1)    Today is the opening day for the MLB year. What does MLB stand for?
(Big League Baseball)







two)    What colours are the stripes on the American flag?
(Red & White)







three)    What is the key ingredient in guacamole?








four)    Identify the Canadian singer, recognized for her track ‘Ironic’, who just announced she’s expecting with her third little one.
(Alanis Morissette)







five)     How many letters are in the term “SWEET”?







six)    Which car firm can make the RAV four SUV?







7)    What time does Kool Mornings with Dale & Charlie start in the early morning?








8)    What US point out will you uncover JFK Worldwide Airport?
(New York)







nine)    Title the ‘Grease’ actress who explained she’s ‘haunted’ by ghosts of her dead celebrity close friends.
(Olivia Newton-John- In new memoirs she says John Denver & Karen Carpenter are close to her when she’s performing and act as her spirit guides to be certain her displays constantly go without a hitch.)








ten)   SPELL: Haunted.


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