Nowadays is January 1 of a new calendar year.  It’s crucial to remember personalized and societal development are not inescapable. 

Modify, whether or not sluggish or fast, will arise.  We can regress without the need of diligent, smart, accountable selections and actions.  Improvement demands our conscious awareness.

Our main beliefs and cherished rights as a free of charge nation are not self-executing.  We ought to are living up to our beliefs, if we are to be good stewards of liberty.  Future generations rely upon all of us.

Whatsoever our differences, they will need to be acknowledged and tackled respectfully and actually.  In the United States of The united states, we want to be additional accepting of every single other.  Public discourse among our so-known as leaders is caustic and divisive.  We are dividing ourselves and pitting ourselves towards each and every other by way of substantial misinformation and deceit, and we refuse to have interaction in trustworthy, respectful conversation.

We refuse to have interaction in self-evaluation and believe our entrenched, absolute positions.  Whatever we lack in self-awareness and shortcomings, we need to seek out and confess to ourselves.  We need to acknowledge our biases and rid ourselves of irrationality and disrespect of other individuals different than us.

Where ever our nation is damaged, we have to be open to reform.  To discover what is broken, we have to admit our personalized constraints and resist our delight and self-curiosity, the two of which interfere with a dependable approach to a considerate, examined, meaningful life.  

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