When it comes to the smell of weed, you either love it or hate it. If you are a grower, by now you should know that strains like Northern Lights or Auto Cheese NL tastes delicious but have a strong scent.

For you, the smell may make you feel like you are in heaven floating on clouds, but for others, the scent may be an indication that there is a pot smoker nearby. Depending on the people who are around you, your dank smell may be something that you want to conceal. 

Here are a few examples when you might want to cover up your weeds smell:

    A date with someone you just met 

    Meeting in-laws

    A trip to the supermarket

    Going to work 

    Visiting government offices 

There are several reasons why you may need to disguise your dank smell, so here are the top five ways to make sure you do not set off any stoner alarms:

1.    Make a Spoof

The most popular choice and very affordable way to cover up any smell of marijuana is to take a toilet paper roll and a dryer sheet to make what is known as a “Spoof” or “Sploof”. This tool is very simple to make since all you need is a toilet paper roll, a fresh dryer sheet, and a rubber band. Place the dryer sheet over one end of the toilet roll and attach it to the rubber band. After taking a hit, exhale into the open part of the toilet roll. The dryer sheet will filter the smoke and cover up any strong odor.

2.    Try Vaping 

You can get one of the best cannabis experiences from a vaporizer pen because they deliver high doses of THC directly to your brain within seconds. Best of all, this is done without creating any lingering smell. Vape pens can easily be found online or in dispensaries for as little as $30 or less.


3.    Be Mindful of Your Skin, Hair, and Clothing

When you smoke weed, and there is lingering smoke because of no ventilation (for example, smoking pot inside your car with the windows up which is not recommended), your skin, hair, and clothing are the biggest surface areas where the pungent marijuana smoke smell will attach itself to. If you have time, make sure to brush your teeth or chew gum directly after smoking. Also, give yourself a spray with some deodorant, essential oils, body spray, or cologne/perfume.


4.    Smoke Outside

One of the easiest ways to neutralize orders during your next smoke session is to do it outside. This way, there is plenty of air and ventilation that there is less chance of smoke and a pungent marijuana smell clinging on to you.


5.    Use Incense

Pot smokers have used this method for years, and it is still one of the best ways to disguise your dank smell. Incense has a very potent, soothing aroma and remains one of the best ways to conceal dank odors.