The Oregon Legislature is considering  the adoption of a plan to allow already existing medical-marijuana dispensaries to temporarily sell cannabis products to adults 21 and when  recreational marijuana becomes legal July 1, under measure 91.

The proposal was brought to the table by Republican Senator Ted Ferrioli (John Day) as a potential solution to the problem of where to buy cannabis while the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) begins implementing licenses for recreational growers, processors and dispensaries.

OLCC chairman Rob Patridge has admitted that the licensing process is not likely to be finished until late 2016, even on into 2017—more than a year after measure 91 allows for recreational cannabis possession and consumption in Oregon. The OLCC ‘s time frame and reasoning for it have been questioned considerably by the joint committee on marijuana in Oregon.

The Willamette Week quoted Sen. Ginny Burdick (D-Portland), who chairs the House-Senate committee on legal weed~

“I don’t know that we can pull this off,” Burdick says, “but I think the concept is a good one. It would allow people to get marijuana without going through other channels that might be illegal.”

My personal opinion is that this proposal may sound awesome, and is definitely a possible solution, but Oregonians need to beware and remain vigilant. This could be a short sited set up to merge medical and recreational dispensaries~

Photo: Tom Burns via CelebStoner

We know from #‎BurnsGate -Where the OLCC Fired Oregon Pot Czar Tom Burns for Leaking a Document, Then Lying About It that there was a plot being formed showing the OLCC planned for greater control of medical weed.- this could still happen if we aren’t careful, and prepared.

The state of Oregon wants nothing more than to surpress the black market in anyway possible, which is of course agreeable, as is the point of taxation which supports Oregon’s economy- benefitting all residents, not just cannabis consumers.

However, we cannot allow this to move too rapidly. In the drive for the best marketplace we cannot become short-sited and hurried in finding a solution that fits best, we all know people want to buy weed, but we have to think of everything- If this is allowed, then we have to make sure that we dont lose rights as OMMP patients.