Wowee! Thank you so much!  My little old blog has reached 100,000 readers like you!

When I started this blog it was with the intention of sharing my journey with medical marijuana and I have.  Along the way I’ve shared the good and the bad experiences with dispensaries.  I’ve shared my journey of first healing myself and then on to helping other patients too.  I’ve had some ups and downs along the way, but for the most part this has been a very positive journey.

Early on when I started sharing some of my recipes for making your own medical marijuana treatments I fought back against those who told me I shouldn’t.  They said I was infringing on others in the industry who were providing medicines to dispensaries.  They said I should do the same.  They said I should “corner a market”.  My response to that was “In a round world there are no corners”.  I explained that the recipes were my own. I worked hard to research, test and develop them and I wanted to share them with anyone who could be helped.  I explained that there are so many people who are benefiting from medical marijuana, that there is no way any one provider of medibles or topicals could ever meet the demand.  I also pointed out that because of stringent (albiet unjust) laws, I am only able to help patients in Washington state.  By sharing through this blog I have been able to help patients all over the world to help themselves and make their own medicines!  That means the world to me! And that is why I will continue to share when and where I can.

So thank you again!  Thank you for all your positive feedback!  Thank you for your suggestions and stories of success!  Thank you for your support and readership!  In appreciation I wanted to have some kind of giveaway.

Because I have readers all over the country and all over the world I can’t offer the medicines that I make as a prize so instead I’ve put together a few marijuana and candy making items that I thought might help you make your own meds and have fun too.  I want to shout out to Maritopian Life the game and Teddy’s WetPaint420 Studio who kindly donated some games and some beautiful matted prints to include.  I’ve added to that some candy flavorings, a candy making mold, and some misc. marijuana industry favors.  I hope you guys will enjoy this as a token of my appreciation for all of your support!

To enter simply leave a comment below, or if you follow on facebook, twitter, or instagram I will be posting how to enter there as well. Winner will be chosen by random name generator so comment with your name or screen name.  I’ll announce the winner on July 1, 2014

Thanks so much!

Stay lifted friends!