hot to pick cannabis seeds

2019 is here, and this is the perfect year to start planning and preparing for your next harvest.
In countries where it is now winter, you can start planning now for the right marijuana seeds you want to grow in spring.

Here are 4 factors you cannot miss:
1- Finding the right strain(s)
2- Difficulty
3- Price
4- Yield

Identifying these factors will help you determine which cannabis seeds will be perfect for your next grow…

1- Finding the Right Seed Strains
If you have never seen a marijuana seed before, it could be confusing when it comes to seeds and different seed strains. First of all, you want to make sure that you’re dealing with healthy marijuana seeds that are dark, hard, and tan in color. Avoid seeds that are light or green in color.
Next, you should know about the four major genetic types of cannabis plants:

a. Cannabis Sativa. Usually tall and thin plants take longer times to mature but produce better yields. Usually, give energetic highs and allow for creative thinking.

b. Cannabis Indica. Short bushy plants that mature faster than sativa plants. With Indica plants, the yield is usually less in comparison to most sativas. The high from these plants are generally more lethargic and allow you to relax and have a good night’s rest.

c. Hybrids. A new variant of a cannabis plant is created when two or more strains are crossed. This crossing of strains is the term for a hybrid plant. In hybrids, one strain always dominates over the other. However, the psychoactive experience tends to have a different effect, and the high may be different as well.

d. Ruderalis (Auto-flower).  Auto flower plants grow at a much faster pace because they can consume light 24 hours a day. While regular and feminized strains require rest, auto flower cannabis plants can be grown under constant grow light conditions. With auto flowers, you can grow from seed to harvest in as little as six weeks, and they also allow you to have multiple harvests throughout the year.

Choosing a Strain to Grow This Year
When deciding on which strain to grow this year, you need to determine whether you want a strain that is high in THC, high in CBD, or have a balance of both cannabinoids. There are also several other factors to consider such as the effect you want to experience.
For example, if you are an intense recreational user or fighting severe medical pain, a strain to consider growing is Mamacita’s Cookies Feminized since it packs a whopping 25% THC and very low amounts of CBD.
God’s Glue is also another strain that has a very happy and social effect with low CBD and THC levels ranging from 25 to 30%.
If you are looking for a high CBD strain that does not have the high, stoned effect that you get from most other types of marijuana, you should choose Cannabis Light Feminized seeds for this year’s grow. The strain was specifically created for those who want to extract as much CBD as possible; particularly for medical uses. This strain includes 14% CBD and less than 0.4% THC.

2- Difficulty
Some cannabis plants are easier to grow than others, and many factors go into play to ensure you have a successful grow. No matter what strain you choose, you want to make sure you have a few things right such as a proper growing medium, watering, and adequate light. Growing marijuana is easy when you have the suitable conditions in place so that the plant can grow in the best environment.
If you are a beginner, it might be a good idea to start with autoflowering seeds since you do not have to worry about changing the light cycle during the flowering stage. These plants also have a shorter harvesting time, so if you do make a mistake, you still have enough time within the growing season to start a new set of plants.

Remember that price does not always equal quality and the same goes for marijuana seeds. You want to look for a combination of good quality and price when searching for the right seeds.

4- Yield
As a rule, autoflowering seeds will not produce as high a yield as feminized seeds. Also, an outdoor grow will usually produce a much larger yield than growing indoors. Sativa plants typically produce a higher yield than indicas.

Get Your Seeds Ready Now… 
Whether you are growing indoors or planning to start your grow next spring, it is a good idea to get your seeds ready now so you can make a plan on how to get the best harvest in 2019!