I have been Christi Spangler nearly my entire life. As Christi Spangler my experiences formed my personality. My pains created my self imposed limitations. My hurts guarded my self expression. My dramas played out through my anxieties.

Enter cannabis.  Cannabis changed my life in so many ways. First it came to me as a form of medication relieving me from my physical pain. This freedom inspired me to want to help others and I began to follow that path creating recipes and formulas for pain relief. I began sharing these things with friends and family. They found relief and started pushing me to develop a brand and share this with the world. I went back and forth with branding ideas, but none seemed right. One day a family member suggested THChristi (Thank you Jim) and it felt right. I began labeling under that name. Soon after that I realized THChristi was not just a brand, but was to become my alter ego as well.  THChristi became my cannabis crusader name,  My internet moniker and my pot personality. I was Christi Spangler still,but now I was also THChristi, sensimilla super hero!

How liberating! THChristi had no past.  No problems. No limitations!  I was free as THChristi to be and do and say anything!  Free to express the best parts of Christi Spangler, without the limitations of past experiences. Amazing!

As I grew in my role of THChristi, something was happening in the background to Christi Spangler too. With each successful step outside of my former comfort zone, THChristi gave Christi some of her confidence. With every accolade that THChristi received, Christi too experienced accomplishment.

So long story short , THChristi, my alter ego, has become my personal healing hero. And THChristi allowed me, Christi Spangler, to become a fully functioning human. 

Whats the point of this story on this blog?  I simply aspire to inspire you reader to find the super hero within yourself.  Find her, be her, and become who you were meant to be.

Sparkle & Shine!

One love from me, myself & I