Yes. It’s true. We are still fighting for medical cannabis. When our state legalized recreational marijuana they began to see us as customers bit patients. They blame us for the failure to launch on recreational marijuana even though it’s obvious the real problem is the lack of these recreational stores that they’ve allowed to open over the last year and the mass amount of producer/processors of recreational marijuana. How do they expect to move that legal weed without opening all the retail stores they were supposed to supply
On Wednesday night I attended a hearing at the state capital. One of those legal producer processors testified that his company alone was holding 45,000 pounds of legal marijuana with no place to sell it. That’s one producer. It’s ridiculous. They licenses all these growers but only opened a handful of retail locations. 
Now they want to place the blame on cannabis patients who, btw have been protected in Washington since 1998
So what’s my point?  I guess my point is just that I never intended to be an activist. I didn’t think I needed to fight for something that already exists ( medical cannabis ). 
Last year I fought for myself. I’ve been a patient for 4 or 5 years now. I use cannabis medicine daily to treat and stop my symptoms from fibromyalgia.  
This year I’m working with more patients than before. This year I see patients every week who would needlessly suffer if our access is reduced. This year I fight for not only myself but for these patients. 
To me the title of “activist” simply means one who is actively working toward a goal. Please join me in being active. If you don’t feel compelled to do it for yourself, do it for other patients. You don’t have to commit a lot of time or money. Just a few minutes to make a phone call or write an email.  It’s really that simple. It’s really that important. Just tell them patients are not customers and medical cannabis needs to remain a  separate system from recreational. 
Find out who your legislator is here:
Thank you for joining me and so many others in this important activity!