Jenifer Valley & Mike Mullins founders of Stoney Girl Gardens
With traffic at a stand-still, backed up for 6 miles on highways 212 and 205, the Stoney Girl Gardens commemorative free marijuana seed giveaway was a giant success and a full realization of the newly legalized cannabis laws in Oregon. Ten thousand seeds of cannabis, derived from six signature Stoney Girl strains were given away to anyone twenty-one or older today.

Military veterans, school teachers, ice cream men, UPS drivers and more filed through the alleyway directly behind their soon to open Clackamas cannabis dispensary, Stoney Only. The Stoney Girl team comprised of their gardeners, office personnel and more were present to check ID, cook free food, and hand out seeds to eager visitors. Over 8,000 visitors appeared at the HWY 212 location, next to “Ole’s Medium Rare” steakhouse bar. The dispensary which is under renovation was open for tours to give the public a personalized cannabis experience that doesn’t have to be lived vicariously through media headlines.   

When asked about the company marijuana seed giveaway, Jenifer Valley aka Stoney Girl said, “It felt really amazing to be a part of history, I know this is going to cause a lot of change here in Oregon, and it will give 10,000 people the opportunity to grow their own cannabis.”

News crews were present to interview and film the giveaway, which directed people where to go. Documentary filmmakers Mike and Amy McDermott of “Studio Mcdermott” were in attendance to gather content at this historical happening for their film developing film, “Oregon: The State of Cannabis.” Amy McDermott said, “ What impressed me most at today’s free seed giveaway was the older folks picking up seeds. There will be a lot of grandmothers in Oregon growing cannabis this summer.
Erin Purchase, pediatric cannabis therapy patient, Brave Mykayla’s mother, who also works closely with the seed company, was present jubilantly handing out seeds, reminding people about the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana and what it did for her daughter during her successful fight with childhood leukemia. She had this to say about the giveaway, “Today to me was a celebration for all the hard work that every activist has put into ending prohibition. I felt honored to take part the largest seed giveaway that has ever taken place on American soil. When the truckers honked in frustration at the waiting line of cars, it made me happy that so many people wanted to come get free seeds to grow legally, and it made our collective effort seem like a real accomplishment” 

This is the first time an American Cannabis seed company has openly and publicly handed out the still federally illegal seeds, let alone 10,000 of them. A local marijuana edible company, Mr. Ucked Up, had a booth from which they were gifting of age passersby with hash infused otter pops and frozen concentrate infused chocolates. Neighbor Dave’s Organics teamed up with Stoney Girl gardens at the giveaway and handed out free gram bags of high-grade organic cannabis flower.

The number of seeds given away today as gifts to the citizens of Oregon was stunning. 10,000 marijuana seeds, which will be planted and grown by Oregonians. The end of Cannabis prohibition came to Oregon today, July 1st, 2015. It was replaced with revelry and generosity. The team at Stoney Girl Gardens has done Oregon a service, it has given people the opportunity to grow their own marijuana, and share it with others; paying forward what was done for them today by Jenifer Valley and Michael Mullins, the founders of Stoney Girl gardens.

This is what a free marijuana seed giveaway looks like~