The quest for the perfect personal vaporizer seems never ending. There is a huge selection of mainstream and upcoming vape brands on the internet to choose from; Countless boxes of vape pens and accessories line the shelves of local head shops. I myself have run the gamut of vape pens and have most to be lacking in a few or a lot of necessary features. Currently, no specific brand has won me over entirely- well, save for Vape Oregon. I have spent time with Atmos, and KangerTech amongst a few others that have been so unimpressive that the brands have faded from memory. 

This time I decided that I would go with an Arizer brand vaporizer; specifically, the Arizer – Air multi-purpose “micro-heater.”

When the Arizer package arrived I opened to find first a small packet of a colorful dried flower specimen, labeled “wildflower.” The packet made me chuckle knowing that I had a different flower in mind. Underneath this was a medium-sized, black cylindrical electronic device cozily resting in a thick foam padding surrounding by various borosilicate glass accessories. The Arizer unit itself is lightweight and is produced from a very durable design. Standing at 122mm in Height and 29mm in Diameter, the Arizer fits nicely in my hand, like an extra-long roll of quarters. It is not cumbersome though it is also not entirely discreet. This is not a worry, being a medical cannabis cardholder and living in a legalized state, discretion is no longer first consideration when considering a vape pen.

If one takes the time to read the directions, the unit is quite easy to operate. It is challenging to understand the device without instructions. The operation consists of utilizing one button for multiple operations. Powering on the device is simple; figuring out the temperature setting is the trick. There are various settings- five to be exact; each displayed by a different color- Blue, purple, green, orange and red. This is not a push and hold power design, this is a set up for a session. Give each temperature setting a bit to reach the peak before inhaling. Arizer operation leaves the device continually warming, meaning you can load, use, clean and reload all while the unit maintains temperature.

A tubular piece of glass with a small four-hole screen attached to a bowl piece is easy what is used on the Arizer – this is called a diffuser stem. The straw like set up provides an opportunity for a very streamline draw. I found that grinding my cannabis lightly was the best way to load the diffuser. The oil glands ruptured during grinding gives a fuller- more robust palate while evenly vaporizing the oils across the flower. One down fall I experienced here was during inhalation. Be mindful about how intense you are drawing when using the Arizer, fine grindings can pass through the holes in the diffuser stem, much like a pipe can. Once a user becomes more comfortable with the unit this happens less often, the need to inhale powerfully is unnecessary. The perfect way to draw is slow, even and deeply. This will also increase the amount of cannabinoids that pass into the bloodstream by increasing the amount of lung capacity filled.

I felt the effects of my cannabis after the first few pulls. My flower choice was a potent Indica known as “Crockett’s Confidential” bred by cup-winning Crockett Family Farms, cultivated by Ideal Cannabis in Portland Oregon. I notice the average amount needed to feel high is about three diffuser stem loads. I found my preferred setting to be Green- this setting provided a smooth, lightly –warm vapor, rich in terpenes. Remember when unloading and reloading the stem once you’ve been using it, that it is quite hot and can cause burns to occur, always use the provided tool. I also recommend that you do your best to retrieve the already been vaped (ABV) flower and repurpose it for edibles or oils as there are still available medicinal cannabinoids left.

Overall the unit is pretty cool, I have taken the time to use it and become familiar with it for about 2-3 weeks before writing this blog, and I can say that I do like for certain occasions. When I have time to sit back, relax and just spend some time vaping is ideal. It would also be useful in social situations as it stays hot between pulls which prevents confusion amongst friends. I wouldn’t try this is awkward areas, where discretion is necessary or when you are looking for an instant vape without a wait.

Rating this vape pen on a 1-10 scale I would give it an overall 7.5. The Arizer Air is an investment; this unit can be purchased for $259.99 on their website,