If you are new to a particular place or area that you just moved to or just unfamiliar with how to find stoner friends that are near you, you have to get a little creative to find like-minded stoner friends. For many adults, it is often difficult to find people who want to hang out and take a toke. You are in the right place because the best methods to find the best stoner friends ever are listed here:

Talk to a Friend 

You may get the opportunity to meet someone through a personal friend or acquaintance who happens to use marijuana. Often, the people who are closest to you such as a family member, best friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, or neighbor knows someone who loves to smoke pot. Ask if you can be introduced to that friend and maybe offer some weed to your new potential friend to establish a new friendship. 


Start a Conversation 

You can find out how marijuana-friendly someone is by starting up a conversation about cannabis legalization, research and studies on cannabis, and other relative issues. By doing so, that person will reveal their stance on marijuana and often you will find that they also like to consume it. Another conversation piece is to bring up classic stoner movies like Up in Smoke, Friday, How High, or Pineapple Express. If the person you are talking to has watched these movies, they probably like smoking weed also. 

Cannabis Forums 

There are great cannabis forums online which allow you to connect to other stoners.  These forums are great for finding answers to almost any marijuana-related question that you can think of. If you are a grower, you can share your experience through pictures and funny stories. It is also a fun way to chat with other 420-friendly people from all over the world. Since so many stoners use forums, it is also possible that someone near you is also a member.


Cannabis Dating Sites 

There are so many cannabis dating sites out there these days, and they are a great way to meet stoner friends. Just because these are cannabis dating apps do not mean that you have to establish a romantic relationship while toking away. These apps are also a great way to meet new “smoke buddies” both male and female, as long as you state your intentions and set your boundaries before actually meeting up with someone. Three popular cannabis dating apps are High There, 420 Friends, My  420 Mate, and 420 Singles. 


Wear Cannabis Clothing

One way to make new friends and get noticed quickly by other stoners is to wear cannabis-themed clothing. You can wear a baseball cap with a cannabis leaf on it or try wearing a Bob Marley printed tee showing him smoking a fat spliff. People who are like-minded and love getting stoned will approach you and may want to have a conversation. If you want to be a little less subtle, you can wear a cannabis-related button on your bag or jacket. 


Show Off Paraphernalia

Try to incorporate marijuana-related themes into your home décor. This can include bongs, bubblers, famous pot smoker movie posters, cannabis-related collector’s items, etc. You can also have marijuana-themed edibles prepared for any visitors to your home.  These items will serve as excellent conversation starters and undoubtedly create a new stoner friend for you. 


Ask for a Lighter 

Try to create a situation where you need to ask for a lighter such as lighting a candle or starting a grill. Lighters can reveal a lot of information because a stoner’s lighter often has resin on the end of it. Most stoners also remove the safety feature found on BIC lighters. If the person you are speaking with does not smoke cigarettes but still has lighter, chances are that person is probably a stoner.


Go to 420 Events and Locations 

If you happen to live in an area where marijuana is legalized or there are no strict rules on activities and events, take part in 420-friendly events like festivals, outdoor activities, marijuana-themed tours, cooking classes, and more.  If this is not your situation, you can plan to take a trip to a place where marijuana is legal like Colorado, Nevada, or Canada and make contacts there with new stoner friends. 


Just Ask Around  ! 

As marijuana gains more and more acceptance, now is a better time than ever to ask them their stance on marijuana reform. You can gauge their answers to determine whether to reveal your use, and you will know what their attitude is and maybe even determine that you have made a new stoner friend. With these tips, you will surely meet a new stoner friend in no time 😉